The images below show the opening pages of currency dealer Phil Lampkin's pricelists, dated Nov 1968 and Dec 1968. The first list announces Phil's intention to offer the $100 Series 1966 red seals - about to be released to the public. The second pricelist is his bombshell - an offering of notes from the first pack of 100. Look at the prices - talk about opportunity..... Here's how it all happened (thanks to Dave Koble and John Rowe for helping with details of this story). Amon Carter, Jr. was a famous collector in Fort Worth, Texas. Through his political connections he learned that the first brick (Phil uses the word 'stick') of 4000 notes was to be released in Puerto Rico. Amon arranged to acquire the brick and hired Phil to fly to Puerto Rico and get the notes. Lampkin recalled being nervous on the return flight, sitting with a bag containing $400,000 cash between his feet. Amon kept the serial number 1 and number 5 notes. Lampkin got the others to offer his customers. What happened to the other 3900 notes? They were deemed too ordinary for the market of that day and turned in to banks. It turned out that banks did not really want them! It took a while to 'get rid of them'. A (very) few low-serial stars showed up in New York City, making possible this extremely rare matched pair. At the 2003 Memphis Paper Money Show I sold the pair offered here to a savvy dealer, who kept it for 'retirement'. Now there is another opportunity to acquire this ultimate matched serial pair.

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