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Recently, two sheets of obsoletes surfaced on the Puget Sound Co-operative Colony. The sheets were 35-subject with the following breakdown by denomination: 5 cents (10 - these are postage stamp-size chits), 25 cents (9), 50 cents (8), $1 (3), $5 (3), $20 (2). The note offered below is from one of the sheets. The colony took up quarters near Port Angeles, Washington Territory in June, 1887 giving the notes Territorial status (they are not marked as such).

PORT ANGELES $5. Puget Sound Co-operative Colony. WA355-25. Atrractive note with patriotic eagle and shield and gold "FIVE DOLLARS". Signed by Treasurer Nellie Wood. About Uncrculated. $395

TACOMA $1 Trade Interchange Certificate. WA435-05. Green face/back. Washington between agriculture and manufacturing. Mitchell-Shafer WA390-1. Extremely Fine. $50

TENINO May 1932. 50 cents. Chamber of Commerce. WA575-050. Wooden Money, Extremely Fine. Lincoln on back. Serial 12. $110