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DUNDAFF. 1826. $10 The Northern Bank of Pennsylvania. PA1170-30. Washington, Franklin and Penn. About Uncirculated, with tiny tear at LR. $200

HOLLIDAYSBURG. 1858. $5 Central Bank of Pennsylvania. PA1870-25. Magnificent vignettes. Red tint with zillions of "FIVE DOLLARS". Uncirculated. $200

LEWISBURG. 18_. $5 Lewisburg Bank. Agriculture and Industry, "The Twins". PA2390-25. Red undertint, skeleton "FIVE". ABNCo Proof PMG 64. Super! $600

NORRISTOWN. 18_. $100 The Bank of Montgomery County. PA3450-70. Livestock graze. Liberty at L, Washington at R. Choice Proof from ABC archives. $650

PERRYOPOLIS 1816. $1 Youghagany Banking Co. Very early vignetted note. Very Good. $250

PHILADELPHIA . 18_. $500 The Kensington Bank. PA4170-75. Ocean-going steamship in harbor. Red "500". Proof with usual punch cancels and pinholes at two corners. $995

PHILADELPHIA 1829. $5 The Schuylkill Bank. PA4420-25. Contmporary counterfeit. Ceres gazes toward town, river and covered bridge. Very Good. $60

PITTSBURGH. $5 Bank of Pittsburgh. PA5480-20. Making nails one at a time. Very Fine, with corner nibs. $150

POTTSVILLE 1841. $1 The Miners Bank. PA5910-05. Smithies work at forge. Washington L. Crisp Uncirculated, nice. $125

READING. 18_. $20 The Berks County Bank. PA6010-40. Pioneer and his dog take a break. About Uncirculated. $110

READING. 18_. $50 The Berks County Bank. PA6010-50. Cherubs frolic. Extremely Fine. $150

READING. 1862. 2 cents. Scrip of A Puwelle. PA6190-002. Uncommon denomination. Fine, tiny hole near signature. $40

SMETHPORT. 185_. $5 McKean County Bank. PA6730-25. Lumber wagon is loaded. Orange overprint. Gem Uncirculated. $100

WARREN. 1861. $5 North Western Bank. PA7610-25. Cattle at C. Washington at L. Red "FIVE". Hoober 425-15. NBNCo. This note has inspired many to collect obsoletes. The vignettes, color and artistry give it a breathtaking presence. Join the band. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Serial 3356. $325

WILLIAMSPORT 1863. 5 cents. Borough of Williamsport. PA8270-005. Canal boat gets a tow. ABNCo. Red protector. Extremely Fine, tiny punch cancel. Serial 108. $175