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CLYDE. Oct 1, 1862. 5 cents scrip of Thomas McMellen, dealer in Groceries, Pork and Grain. Drawn on the Commerecial Bank, Clyde. Harris 55. Cute little note which is the Harris plate note. Fine. $95

ELMIRA. 1862. 5 cents. Scrip of John Nicks, "Tobacco and Segar Manufacturer". Green overtint. Uncirculated. $40

ELMIRA. 1862. 10 cents. Scrip of John Nicks, "Tobacco and Segar Manufacturer". Indian at left. Green overtint. Uncirculated. $40

FRIENDSHIP. 1862. 25 cents. Scrip of M C Mulkin, "Dealer in Groceries, Provisions Butter &c." Green overprint. About Uncirculated. Very attractive. $60

GLENS FALLS. 1862. 10 cents. Village of Glens Falls. Indian maiden L. Green "10". Uncirculated. $75

HORNELLSVILLE. 18_. $5 Bank of Hornellsville. NY1030-G6. Proof on card. Hunter warms by fire at left, drinks from stream at right. $850

MOHAWK. 1862. 10 cents. Scrip of L L Lowell. Red "TEN". Drawn on the Mohawk Valley Bank. About Uncirculated. $50

NEW YORK. 1840. $10 The North River Banking Co. A fraudulent bank which left behind ornate notes. Very Fine. $40

PRINCETOWN. 1816. 25 cents. Scrip of Calvin Chessman, " my Tavern in Princetown on the GREAT WESTERN TURNPIKE". Fine. $70

REDFORD. 183_. 3 cents. Redford Glass Company. Uncirculated. $60

REDFORD. 18_. 25 cents. Redford Glass Company. Vignette shows glassblower in action. Uncirculated. $60

REDFORD. 18_. 75 cents. Redford Glass Company. Vignette shows factory and glassblower in action. Uncirculated. $75

UTICA 1862. 15 cents. Scrip of Thomson Bros, drawn on Bank of Utica. Carmine overlace. Extremely Fine. $50