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BOWLING GREEN, 1826. $1 Branch Bank of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KY215-05. Very Fine. Serial 881. $350

BURKSVILLE, 18_. $10 Cumberland Bank of Burksville. KY360-30. River commerce. ABNCo archives proof. $750

COLUMBIA, 18_. $100 Bank of Columbia. KY490-70. America seated with eagle and shield. Very Fine. $550

COLUMBUS, 5 cents. Quinby Market. KY165-005. America as Indian maiden with flag and eagle. Very Fine. $275

CYNTHIANA, June 5th, 1837. 25 cents. Scrip of A Broadwell drawn on Northern Bank of Kentucky. KY870-025. About Uncirculated. $175

FLEMINGSBURG, 18_. $10 The Bank of Flemingsburg. KY1425-30. Justice watches plowing. Proof. From ABNCo archives. $750

FRANKFORT, 18_. $10 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky. KY1680-30. Magnificent note. Back design resembles US Demand note. Choice About Uncirculated. $195

FRANKFORT, 18_. $20 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky. KY1680-30. Superb design, color, printing. Choice About Uncirculated, sheet fold at bottom away from Gem. $195

FRANKFORT, 18_. $20 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky. KY1680-40. Superb design, color, printing. Choice Uncirculated. $225

GREENSBURGH, 18_. $3 The Bank of Greensburgh. Eagle and arrows. KY2205-15. Proof, About Uncirculated. Foxing confined largely to the archives page on which note is mounted. $500

GREENSBURGH, 1818. $5 The Bank of Greensburgh. Eagle and arrows. KY2205-25. PCGS Very Fine 20, quite scarce. Serial 376. $300

GREENSBURGH, 1826. 25 cents. Scrip of A Waggener. KY2240-025. Very Good. $200

HICKMAN. February 1, 1862. 50 cents. White & McMahan. KY2770-050. Jeff Davis in wreath. Cotton workers. Very Fine, silked. Low serial 8. $995

LEXINGTON, 1837. 6 & 1/4 cents. Danville, Lancaster and Nicholasville Turnpike Road Co. KY3670-006. Very Good, flaws - finest known! $150

LEXINGTON. 1816. $2 Kentucky Insurance Company. KY3690-10. Very Fine. $125

LEXINGTON. 1814. $5 Kentucky Insurance Company. KY3690-25. Fine. $95

LOUISVILLE. 18_. $10 Bank of Kentucky. KY3810-30. Daniel Boone at left, Indian in canoe at right. Proof. $600

LOUISVILLE. 18_. $20 Bank of Kentucky. Indian by stream. Neptune with trident. KY3810-40. PCGS Proof Gem New 66, super! $650

LOUISVILLE. 1858. $5 The Bank of Louisville. KY3840-25. Fine. $85

LOUISVILLE. 18_. $10 The Bank of Louisville. KY3840-30. Liberty seated next to tobacco shield. Proof. $600

MAYSVILLE, 1851. $1 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky, Maysville Branch. KY3900-05. Governor and Mrs Crittenden. Red back. Very Good. $250

MAYSVILLE, 10 cents. Scrip of Mullins & Hunt. KY3935-010. "Cheap Dry Goods Store". About Uncirculated. $250

MAYSVILLE, 25 cents. Scrip of Mullins & Hunt. KY3935-025. "Cheap Dry Goods Store". About Uncirculated. $250

MILLERSBURGH, 18_. $3 The Hinkston Exporting Company. KY4030-15. Mill scene. Proof. Mounted on page from ABNCo archives. $995

MORGANTOWN. 1836. $1 Bank of Morgantown. KY4110-05. Fine, short tear at L. Rare note. $225

MUMFORDVILLE, 1823. 50 cents. Calle & Murray. KY4430-050. Scrip payable in "Commonwealth of Kentucky Bank Notes, at our Grocery Store in Mumfordville". Fine. $350

NEW CASTLE. 1818. $1 Bank of New Castle. KY4515-05. Fine, rare. $350

NEW CASTLE. 181_. $3 Bank of New Castle. KY4515-15. Proof mounted on archives page. About Uncirculated. $600

NEWPORT. 1837. $1 Newport Lyceum. KY4625-05. Maiden watches riverboat. Fine. $50

PADUCAH, 1858. $1 Commercial Bank of Kentucky. KY4825-03. Pioneer rafters. Red protector. Very Fine. Serial 544. $650

PETERSBURGH. 1817. $1. Petersburgh Steam Mill Company. KY5050-05. Payable across the river in Indiana. About Uncirculated. $125

PRINCETON. 1822. 50 cents. Larger format scrip on Frazer's Tavern in Princeton. KY5150-050. Very Fine. Rare! $500

RUSSELLVILLE. 18_. $5 Southern Bank of Kentucky. KY5510-25. Barnyard scene. Red "FIVE" protector. ABNCo archive proof. $500

SHIPPINGPORT. 1817. $1 Scrip of L A Tarascon. KY5820-05. "100 CENTS" at lower left. Fine. $450

VERSAILLES. 18_. $10 Bank of Versailles. KY6030-30. Liberty, Eagles and Shield. Uncirculated proof on archives page. $600

WOODBINE, Whitley Co. 1885. 25 cents. Scrip of Richards, Barry and Varnon. KY6220-025. "Storekeeper pay to bearer". Green back. Fine. $150