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Many of the notes listed here are plate notes from the Wismer Project book "Kentucky Obsolete Notes and Scrip", by Earl Hughes. The notes came from the collection of Glenn Martin of Princeton, KY.

BURKSVILLE, 18_. $10 Cumberland Bank of Burksville. KY35-G20. River commerce. Archives proof. Choice Uncirculated. $500

COLUMBUS, 5 cents. Quinby Market. Hughes 136. America as Indian maiden with flag and eagle. Very Fine. $195

CYNTHIANA, 1837. 25 cents. Scrip of A Broadwell drawn on Northern Bank of Kentucky. Hughes 181. About Uncirculated. $95

FLEMINGSBURG, 18_. $10 The Bank of Flemingsburg. Hughes 230. KY90-G20. Justice watches plowing. Proof. From ABNCo archives. $500

FRANKFORT, 18_. $10 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky. KY100-G224a. Magnificent note. Back design resembles US Demand note. Choice About Uncirculated. $195

FRANKFORT, 18_. $20 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky. KY100-G228a. Superb design, color, printing. Choice About Uncirculated, sheet fold at bottom away from Gem. $195

FRANKFORT, 18_. $20 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky. KY100-G228a. Superb design, color, printing. Choice Uncirculated. $225

GREENSBURGH, 18_. $3 The Bank of Greensburgh. Eagle and arrows. Hughes 319. Proof, About Uncirculated. Foxing confined largely to the archives page on which note is mounted. $500

GREENSBURGH, 1826. 25 cents. Scrip of A Waggener. Unlisted by Hughes. Very Good. $100

LEXINGTON, 1837. 6 & 1/4 cents. Danville, Lancaster and Nicholasville Turnpike Road Co. Unlisted denomination. Very Good, flaws - finest known! $150

LEXINGTON. 1816. $2 Kentucky Insurance Company. KY170-G32. Very Fine. $100

LEXINGTON. 1814. $5 Kentucky Insurance Company. Hughes 404. Fine. $95

LOUISVILLE. 18_. $10 Bank of Kentucky. Daniel Boone at left, Indian in canoe at right. Hughes 498. PROOF. $450

LOUISVILLE. 18_. $20 Bank of Kentucky. Indian by stream. Neptune with trident. Hughes 504. PCGS Proof Gem New 66, super! $495

LOUISVILLE. 1858. $5 The Bank of Louisville. Hughes 535. Fine, R7. $75

LOUISVILLE. 18_. $10 The Bank of Louisville. Hughes 538. Liberty seated next to tobacco shield. Proof. $500

MAYSVILLE, 1851. $1 The Farmers Bank of Kentucky, Maysville Branch. Governor and Mrs Crittenden. Red back. Very Good. $250

MAYSVILLE, 10 cents. Scrip of Mullins & Hunt "Cheap Dry Goods Store". Hughes 593. About Uncirculated. $150

MAYSVILLE, 25 cents. Scrip of Mullins & Hunt "Cheap Dry Goods Store". Hughes 594. About Uncirculated. $150

MILLERSBURGH, 18_. $3 The Hinkston Exporting Company. Hughes 596. Mill scene. Proof. Mounted on page from ABNCo archives. $995

MORGANTOWN. 1836. $1 Bank of Morgantown. Hughes 599. Fine, short tear at L. Rare note. $175

MUMFORDVILLE, 1823. 50 cents. Merchant scrip payable in "Commonwealth of Kentucky Bank Notes, at our Grocery Store in Mumfordville". Unlisted by Hughes. Fine. $250

NEW CASTLE. 1818. $1 Bank of New Castle. Hughes-624. Fine, rare. $175

NEW CASTLE. 181_. $3 Bank of New Castle. Hughes-625. Proof mounted on archives page. About Uncirculated. $500

NEWPORT. 1837. $1 Newport Lyceum. Hughes 636. Music watches riverboat. Fine. $25

PETERSBURGH. 1817. $1. Petersburgh Steam Mill Company. Payable across the river in Indiana. Hughes 698. About Uncirculated. $95

PRINCETON. 1822. 50 cents. Larger format scrip on Frazer's Tavern in Princeton. Hughes 706. Very Fine. Rare! $400

RUSSELLVILLE. 18_. $5 Southern Bank of Kentucky. Hughes 745. Barnyard scene. Red "FIVE" protector. ABNCo archive proof. Archive stamp barely visible on face. $395

SHIPPINGPORT. 1817. $1 Scrip of L A Tarascon. Hughes 770. "100 CENTS" at lower left. Fine. $300

VERSAILLES. 18_. $10 Bank of Versailles. Hughes 785. Liberty, Eagles and Shield. Uncirculated proof on archives page. $500

WOODBINE, Whitley Co. 1885. 25 cents. Scrip of Richards, Barry and Varnon. "Storekeeper pay to bearer" . Mentioned by Hughes who had no description. Green back. Fine. $100