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MILFORD 1854. $2 Bank of Milford. Haxby DE35-G4a. Fine, with red "TWO". $75

MILFORD 1854. $3 Bank of Milford. Haxby DE35-G6a. Fine, with red "THREE" and a small gutter error. $95

MILFORD 1853. $3 Bank of Milford. Haxby DE35-G6a. About Uncirculated, with Red "THREE". $350

MOUNT HOLLY 1863. 25 cents. Scrip of B Harker, blue print. Very Fine. $495

NEWARK 1862. 10c. Town of Newark. Indian L. Green protectors. Extremely Fine. $150

NEWARK 1862. 20c. Town of Newark. Conestoga wagons. Green print. Extremely Fine. $165

ODESSA 1862. 5 cents. Scrip of Van Dyke & Matthews. Sailing ship, Justice. Very Fine. $250

SEAFORD. $1 Diamond State Bank. Issued note, with sailing regatta and another favorite vignette, hunter and dog by fire. Red overprint. DE50-g2a. Fine. $595

WILMINGTON 1813 $5 Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware. Wilmington Branch. Haxby DE15-C334. Contemporary counterfeit. Extremely Fine, handsome note. $195

WILMINGTON March 14, 1841. 25 cents. City of Wilmington. Sailing ship in oval. About Uncirculated, very nice!. $250

WILMINGTON 1862 5 cents. City of Wilmington. Sweet ladies left and right. Very Choice About Uncirculated. $150

WILMINGTON 1862 10 cents. City of Wilmington. Ceres at L. ABNCo product. Crisp Uncirculated. $150

WILMINGTON 1862 25 cents. City of Wilmington. Red "CENTS". Drummer boy. ABNCo product, sharp! Crisp About Uncirculated. $160