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Updates as of 9/10/2019

RINGGOLD. 18_. $5 The North Western Bank. GA10730-25. Battlefield scene. Large red "V". Crisp Uncirculated, nice. $275

RINGGOLD. 1858. $10 The North Western Bank. GA10730-30. Fabulous vignettes, red tint with hollow "10". Fine. Low serial 64. $175

RINGGOLD. 1861. $20 The North Western Bank. GA10730-40. Breathtaking note. Take a look. Very Fine. Serial 1719 $225

BRUNSWICK. 1840. $5 The Exchange Bank. GA2380-25. Eagle surveys harbor. Uncirculated black beauty. Serial 1071. $250

MACON. 1862. $20 The Manufacturers' Bank. GA9960-40. State arms. Cotton picker at left. Red "X X". Choice About Uncirculated. Serial 484. $495

SMETHPORT. 18_. $1 McKean County Bank. PA6730-05. Busy factory. "The Sisters" at left. Green "ONE" Choice Uncirculated. $200

SMETHPORT. 185_. $5 McKean County Bank. PA6730-25. Lumber wagon is loaded. Orange overprint. Gem Uncirculated. $100

BALTIMORE. 1863. $2 The American Bank. MD130-10. KSG 5.2.2. ABNCo. Green tint. Fantastic vignette. Very Fine. $295

DETROIT. 1836. $20 The Bank of Michigan. MI690-40. Commerce seated on bales. Stamped "Reissued". Very Fine. Serial 474. $375

MAYSVILLE, 1821. 50 cents. Board of Trustees of Maysville. Neat little note, signed by the Chairman. Very Fine. Serial 3412. $395

IOWA CITY. 1858. $1 Treasurer of Iowa City. IA685-05. Oakes 71-1. Family celebrates around picnic basket. Red "ONE". Very Fine. Serial 300. $695

IOWA CITY. 1858. $2 Treasurer of Iowa City. IA685-10. Oakes 71-2. Chickens are fed, trains spout smoke. Very Fine. Serial 886. $950

ANAMOSA 1858. $3 The Wapsipinicon Land Co. IA35-05. Farm scene and more. About Uncirculated, light handling. Serial 716. $395

T50 $50 December 2, 1862. Jefferson Davis, back in green. Criswell 351, PF-4. Block CSA watermark. High-end Very Fine. Serial 95252. $375

$5 1928E F1530. Julian-Snyder. Choice Uncirculated. Serial H60776101A. $95

$1 1935 F1607. Julian-Morgenthau. Gem Uncirculated. C68976537A. $60

$1 1935 F1607. Julian-Morgenthau. Gem Uncirculated. G39490930A. $60

$1 1935A F1608. Julian-Morgenthau. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ, serial I61444795B. $35

Ch 11728 $5 1929 Type 1. Peoples NB of RICHMOND. Very Fine, rather scarce. Serial E001192A. $295

$10 1922 Gold, Speelman-White. Fr1173. PMG Very Fine 30. Serial K12629755. $365

1896 $1 Educational. Tillman-Morgan. F224. PMG Very Fine 35EPQ, looks a LOT better. Neat serial 725487. $995

1896 $1 Educational. Tillman-Morgan. F224. PMG Very Fine 35EPQ, from the same litter. Serial 725489. $995

T9 $20 Sailing Ship. Criswell 29B. PF-9. Ccc plate on bond paper. PMG About Uncirculated 50EPQ. Four nice margins and total originality. Serial 54254. $495

SMYRNA. 18_. $5 Bank of Smyrna. DE845-25. Maiden tends to cattle. Color Proof, peach tint. Choice Uncirculated. $1095

... First Charter Twenties are uncommon. Only four banks left behind multiple high-grade examples for collectors.
The First National Bank of Paris, IL (Ch 1555) , The First National Bank of Greenwich, NY (Ch 2517),
The First National Bank of Newark, OH (Ch 858) and the Fourth National Bank of Columbus, OH (Ch 2423).
The total number of survivors from these four banks is less than forty. The note offered below was last
sold publicly as lot 4266 of Bowers and Ruddy Galleries April 1981 sale. It was described there as Gem Crisp New.
PCGS took a more conservative view when they crowned it as Very Choice New 64PPQ. Opportunity is knocking.
A copy of the B&R catalog accompanies this note.

Ch 2423 $20 Series 1875. Fourth NB of COLUMBUS. PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ. A rare opportunity. Serial 4314. $16,000

FRN $500 Series 1934A. New York. Julian-Morgenthau. F2202B. PCGS Very Fine 35. Serial B00335979A. $1350

Ch 5259. $20 1929 Type 1. The Citizens NB of McCONNELLSVILLE. Extremely Fine, with new officers (Cecil E Glass and R F Miller). A000598A. $275

Ch 7235. $10 1929 Type 2. The FNB of AMESVILLE. Extremely Fine, fresh and crispy. A000044. $550

Ch 2078 $5 1902 Plain Back. The FNB of CONSHOHOCKEN. Very Fine, fresh and crispy. Uncommon. Serial 31718D. $585

Ch 9095 $5 1902 Plain Back. Citizens NB of MOUNT STERLING. High-end Very Fine. with wonderful signatures. 9782 G. $695

Ch 1784 $10 1902 Plain Back. The BELLEFONTAINE NB. PMG Very Fine 30, from the home of America's first concrete street. 12262 A. $450

FRN $500 Series 1934A. New York. Julian-Morgenthau. F2202B. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63. Serial B00325656A. $2250

FRN $500 Series 1934A. St Louis. F2202H. PMG Very Fine 35. Serial H00036485A. $1595

FRN $1000 Series 1934. Chicago. F2211G. Julian-Morgenthau. Very Fine with yellow-green seal. Serial G00008087A. $2495

FRN $1000 Series 1934. Chicago. F2211G. Yellow green seal. Very Fine, with trace of bank stamp to right of portrait. Serial G00035808A. $2100

FRN $500 Series 1934 Atlanta. F2201F. Woods-Mellon. Very Fine, light green seal. Mid-grade example with two pinholes. Serial F00005606. $1195

FRN $500 Series 1934A. Chicago. F2202G. Very Fine. Serial G00309367A. $1250

FRN $500 Series 1934A. New York. Julian-Morgenthau. F2202B. High-end Very Fine. Serial B00344901A. $1295

FRN $500 Series 1934. New York. F2201B. Julian-Morgenthau. Very Fine, with 4 pinholes and serial B00174127A. $1095

GLASGOW Jan 1, 1863. 5 cents. J. S. Thomson, Banker and Broker. MO310-005. "Dealer in Exchange, Coin and in Current Money". Uncirculated with punch cancels at signature line. $695

ST PETER, 185_. $5 The Peoples Bank. MN950-25. Men dicker over cattle. Choice About Uncirculated. $375

DE SOTO 1860. $1 Corn Exchange Bank. NE75-05. Red protector. Mother and child tend the livestock and ducks. Very Fine, signed and issued. Serial 637. $250

OMAHA CITY 1859. $5 Omaha City Bank and Land Co. NE195-25. ABNCo, with red overtint. Fillmore, Riverboat. Extremely Fine. $275

FRN $1000 Series 1934. Chicago. F2211G. Yellow green seal. Very Fine, with trace of bank stamp to right of portrait. Serial G00035808A. $2100

UNIONVILLE. 1862. $20 The Cotton Planters Loan Association of the Fifth Congressional District of South Carolina.SC540-40. Sheheen 1101. Uncirculated, outstanding example. Serial 7677. $1200

CHARLESTON. Oct 4, 1854. $10 The Peoples Bank of South Carolina. SC80-30. Sheheen 300. Mechanics with hammer, anvil and gear. Red "X" protectors. Fine. Serial 15. $325

CHERAW. 1857. $50 Merchants' Bank of South Carolina at Cheraw. SC310-50. Cotton harvest. Green tint. Sheheen 278. Very Fine, serial 13. $550

CHARLESTON. September 1, 1859. $50 Farmers & Exchange Bank. SC65-50. Busy wharf. Webster at right. Orange protectors. Very Fine. Serial 154. $225

BENNINGTON. 18_. $7 The Bank of Bennington. VT215-27. Odd denomination, terrific vignettes. Moneta, Mercury and Vulcan. About Uncirculated. $475

HOWARDSVILLE 1861. $20 Bank of Howardsville. VA860-40. Green overprint. Tobacco barrel, farmer and dog. About Uncirculated +. Serial 22. Outstanding! $695

PETERSBURG. 1861. $20 Bank of the City of Petersburg. VA1760-40. Red, Green and Black ABNCo. BP25-30. Very Fine, punch cancels. Serial 901. $695

WOODSTOCK July 22, 1861. 25 cents. The County of Shenandoah. CS02-03. Stagecoach left. Choice Uncirculated. Serial 2335. $350

WEST UNION $4 Bank of West Union. OH4510-24. Uncommon Ohio denomination. Wolka 2824-11. Fine, and rare. $350

CAMDEN C H. 1861. 25 cents. County of Camden. NC105-125. Misspelling "CAROLNA" on this green print contemporary counterfeit. Full Upham imprint at bottom. Uncirculated. Serial 71. $225

CHARLOTTE. Aug 1, 1860. $10 The Bank of Charlotte. NC110-30. Cherubic angel with the Three Graces. Toppan Carpenter's finest work. Very Fine. Serial 659. $850

WOONSOCKET. July 3, 1861. $500 Producers Bank. RI3120-75. George and Martha Washington adorn this fabulous counterfeit. Ex Eric P Newman and PCGS VF 30. Very Fine. Serial 95. $850

WASHINGTON. 18_. $10 Bank of Washington. NC880-30. Ceres and Commerce adore Washington. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64. $200

T67 $20 Capitol at Nashville. Criswell 506, PF-4, Series 2. PMG About Uncirculated 55EPQ. Serial 3782. $65

T68 $10 1864 Horses Pulling Cannon. Criswell 549, PF-31, 7 Series. PMG Uncirculated 62EPQ. Serial 1444. $100

T63 50 cents April 6, 1863. Jeff Davis. Criswell 488, PF-6, Rarity 7. Legacy Very Choice New 64. Serial 79848. $100

Ch 6236 $20 1929 Type 1. The Unaka and City NB of JOHNSON CITY. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63. Serial F000816A. $295

1896 $1 Educational. Tillman-Morgan. F224. PMG About Uncirculated 55. "closed pinhole" won't scare anyone. Serial 1471333. $1500

$10 1922 Gold, Speelman-White F1173. PMG About Uncirculated 53EPQ. Serial H44028677. $900

FRN $500 Series 1934A. Atlanta. F2202F. Very Fine, rather nice. Serial F00083440A. $1295

FRN $500 Series 1934. Cleveland. F2201D. Julian-Morgenthau. Very Fine with yellow-green seal and low serial D00006941A. $1250

$100 1928A Philadelphia. Woods-Mellon. PMG About Uncirculated 53EPQ. Scarce series. Serial C00396148A. $275

Ch 7091 $5 1902 Plain Back. The FNB of WAUSEON. One of the finest large size notes known for this charter. Sharp pen signatures. Very Fine-Extremely Fine. Serial 9983 B. $1250

EAST HADDAM. 18_. $5 The Bank of New England at Goodspeed's Landing. CT610-25. Green overprint. Ship building scene. Choice Uncirculated. $75

WILMINGTON . Sept 10, 1855. $6 The Bank of Wilmington. NC980-26. Train passes factory and harbor. Very Fine. Serial 2753. $1200

ROXBORO. Jan 8, 1862. $5 The Bank of Roxboro. NC750-20. Pennell 1030. Liberty at center. Lafayette at right. Very Fine, very scarce. Serial 1041. $1500

RALEIGH. Jan 18, 1862. $50. Ceres and Liberty. Printed on back of NC bond. Criswell 74C. Very Fine. Serial 161. $895

ATTICA July 1,1854. $10 Shawnee Bank. IN330-30. John Smith and Pocahontas at left. Heroic "X" at center. Better than Fine. Serial 2896. $375

BOWLING GREEN, December 1, 1861. $1 Scrip of Geo. S. Miller. Jeff Davis, "Confederate States of America - Our First President" at center. Cotton pickers at right. Large format. Very Fine, repairs. $1250

GRIFFIN, October 1, 1862. $5. The County of Spalding. GA7760-25. Vintage fire pumper. Green overlace. Tissue-thin paper. Very Fine. Serial 1547. $350

WASHINGTON May 1, 1852. $2 The National Bank. DC1190-10. Eagle atop globe. Notice "OWT" at bottom. Fabulous note, wonderful condition (a PCGS 58PPQ label accompanies). Choice About Uncirculated. Serial 111988. $950

NORTHAMPTON. October 7, 186_. $10 The Holyoke Bank. MA33670-30. "Major Waldron's Terrible Fight". The vignette alone is worth the price. Superb ABNCo style. About Uncirculated with the usual punch cancels. $1250

DORCHESTER. Dec 1, 1855. $100 The Blue Hill Bank. MA7350-70. Eagle surveys canal and rail traffic. In 1865, the Blue Hill Bank becames the Blue Hill National Bank, Charter 684. This genuine note was redeemed in 1909! Genuine notes from banks which took National Charters are much rarer than the nationals, and this note is a perfect example. If it were a national from the same bank it would sell for forty times this price. Very Fine. Serial 109. $1250

FT LEAVENWORTH Aug 21, 1854. $10 Merchants Bank. KS120-30. Whitfield 133. Ormsby product. Choice Uncirculated. Serial 6044. $500

ATCHISON. May 6, 1862. $1 The Bank of the State of Kansas. KS25-05. ABNCo. Dog and safe. "Sisters" at left. Signatures of R L Pease, Cashier, and G(eorge) H Fairchild Vice President. Extremely Rare. Fine or better. Serial 359. $2000

CHINA. 1856. $3 The Canton Bank. ME940-15. Boot factory working at top speed. Red "THREE". Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson - top notch a special note. VeryFine, serial 4155. $750