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Updates as of April 12, 2021

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Choice Uncirculated, the first of a cut sheet of four. Serial M11090696B. $195

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Gem Uncirculated, part of a cut sheet of four. Serial M11090693B. $275

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Gem Uncirculated, part of a cut sheet of four. Serial M11090694B. $275

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Gem Uncirculated, part of a cut sheet of four. Serial M11090695B. $275

F1374 50c Fourth Issue. Lincoln. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64. A handsome example, exceptional margins for a Lincoln. $1495

1914 $5 Blue Seal F847A Boston. White-Mellon. PCGS Banknote Gem Uncirculated 6PPQ. Serial A52301074A. $895

1899 $1 Black Eagle F233 Teehee-Burke. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Serial V41948647V. $895

1923 $1 F40. Speelman-White. PCGS Banknote Choice About Uncirculated 55. Serial A59078095B. $600

Ch 5458 $20 1902 Plain Back. Marine NB of MILWAUKEE. About Uncirculated with printed signatures. Serial 29105 A. $395

1914 $10 Blue Seal F910. New York. Burke-Houston. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63EPQ. Serial B96181459A. $750

1914 $10 Blue Seal F907A. BOSTON. White-Mellon. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ, the "A" variety. Serial A58067327A. $995

There was an uncut sheet of these in the American Banknote Company archives sale (Lot 844). It became a part of the Schingoethe collection. I purchased it from a Smythe sale and cut it. The note which follows is not from the ABNCo/Schingoethe sheet. It is a darker shade of blue. The stamp hinges on the card suggest it was part of D C Wismer's collection.

LEXINGTON 18_. The Farmers Bank of Missouri. $10 MO545-30. ABNCo archives proof. Blue note that will not make you blue. Tantalizing! $6500

Ch 2370 $5 Series 1875. F403. The Chase NB of the City of NEW YORK. PCGS Banknote New 62PPQ. Powerful note on a powerhouse bank. Blue stain subtle but seductive. Serial 12388 A. $5500

Ch 1394 $20 1902 Red Seal. The American Exchange NB of NEW YORK CITY. PCGS Banknote Choice Uncirculated 64PPQ. $20 Red Seals don't grow on trees - this is a beauty. Serial 97406. $4250

Ch 6301. $100 1902 Date Back. The Mellon NB of PITTSBURGH . PCGS Banknote About Uncirculated 53PPQ. Powerful note. High-grade hundreds an endangered species. Serial 7299. $6500

1862 $1 F16c. National Bank Note Company twice at bottom. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58. Quality note. Serial 72119. $2250

1869 $2 "Rainbow". F42. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58EPQ. Well centered with generous margins. Serial U3059303. $7000

1869 $5 "Rainbow". F64. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 EPQ. Nothing prettier than a "Rainbow" that lives up to its billing. Serial K3547398. $5000

1917 $2 Speelman-White. F60. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ, superior centering for this issue. Serial E18560405A. $750

1899 $1 Black Eagle F226a. Lyons-Roberts. PCGS Banknote Choice About Uncirculated 58EPPQ, the date beneath the serial number. Serial A17943120. $550

1899 $1 Black Eagle F233 Teehee-Burke. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ, you'll love it. Serial V18649784V. $1250

Ch 7490 $10 1929 Type 1. MORGANFIELD NB. Uncirculated, top quality. Serial F002372A. $495

Ch 8155 $10 1929 Type 1. FNB of THOMASBORO. Nearly Very Fine from scarce Champaign County bank. Serial F000161A. $495

Ch 7180 $10 1929 Type 1. The FNB of PORTLAND. Fine, from a town still truckin' on Route 27. C000186A. $325

Ch 7124 $20 1929 Type 1. The FNB of GREENS FORK. Very Fine, with Elizabeth J Ward as Cashier. Serial D000269A. $450

Ch 11615 $10 1902 Plain Back. The RICHFORD. NB. Very Fine, with blue stamped signatures. Serial 5790 C. $595

Ch 7035 $20 1902 Plain Back. The Peoples NB of PLYMOUTH. Very Fine, scarce. Serial 6312 B. $695

Ch 3234 $10 1902 Plain Back. The MILFORD NB. Very Fine, nice stamped signatures and an attractive price. Serial 9796 E. $300

Ch 6857 $20 1929 Type 1. FNB of ELLIOTT. Very Fine, very scarce one-bank town. Serial A000019A. $795

Ch 8814 $10 1929 Type 1. The FNB of ADAIRVILLE. Fine - Very Fine, uncommon. Serial A000257A. $450

Ch 8422 $10 1929 Type 1. The FNB of GREENWOOD. Fine, and scarce. Clyde Winchester was Cashier. Serial D000597A. $595

Ch 5323 $10 1929 Type 1. FNB of LUDLOW. Very Fine, down the road in Kenton County. Serial F000261A. $395

Ch 6248 $20 1929 Type 1. The FNB of LATONIA. Very Fine. A very scarce note from a one-bank town. Serial A000116A. $595

Ch 11581 $10 1902 Plain Back. The FNB of PINE CITY. Very Fine or thearbouts, very scarce. Serial 2314 B. $695

Ch 8767. $5 1929 Type 2. The CLOVIS NB. Very Fine or there about. Can't recall ever owning this bank before. Serial A000327. $1600

Ch 1869 $10 1902 Plain Back. The Rush County NB of RUSHVILLE. Fine, with blue stamped signatures of Cashier H C Flint and President L W Sexton. Serial 15054 B. $400

Ch 3104 $20 1902 Plain Back. The Farmers NB of KITTANNING. About Uncirculated, fresh and crispy with a great title layout. Serial 26121. $695

Ch 6419 $20 1902 Plain Back. Citizens NB of MONTICELLO. Very Fine, an attractive example with stamped signatures of V P Jones and Isaac Walker. Serial 3228. $650

1914 $5 Blue Seal F859B. CLEVELAND. White-Mellon. Extremely Fine, the much scarcer "B" variety. Serial D64455674A. $275

$2 1928C F1504. Julian-Morgenthau. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ, super! Serial B29347344A. $275

$5 1963 F1536 Granahan-Dillon. ***STAR***. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ. Serial *01601457A. $300

$2 1928E F1506. Julian-Vinson. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ, a beauty with serial D36177478A. $275

$2 1928D F1505. Julian-Morgenthau. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ. Serial C69736572A. $275

CAMBRIA January 1908 $1 Cambria Trading Company. WY20-05. Blue print. Miner on front, mining complex on back. Extremely Fine. 20640. $400

F1342 50c Third Issue. Spinner. Type II, with "a". PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ. The holder say F1339, but this note is clearly F1342. $1050

F1228 5c Postage Currency. Perforated with ABC monogram. Holder says 1229, but this is 1228. PMG Uncirculated 62EPQ. $275

F1331 50c Spinner PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ STAR. The STAR designation is awarded "to notes with exceptional eye appeal". Absolutely! $2000

F1267 15c. Fourth Issue. Watermarked. PMG Superb Gem Uncirculated 67PPQ. A winner! $2500

F1313 50c Postage Currency. Imperforate, without monogram. PMG Extremely Fine 40EPQ, the rarest of the four varieties. $395

1918 $2 NEW YORK Battleship. F752. Elliott-Burke/Hendricks-Strong. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63. Serial B14993920A. $2250

$10 1922 Gold, Speelman-White F1173. PMG Extremely Fine 40EPQ. Serial H59006143. $650

Ch 10781 $20 1902 Plain Back. The RED CREEK NB. PCGS Banknote Very Fine 30. For your color collection. Serial 8902 B. $1250

1880 $1 F34. Rosecrans-Nebeker. Blue serial numbers. PCGS Banknote Choice About Uncirculated 58PPQ, wonderful quality. Serial A3655908. $1250

AUSTIN 1841. $3 Republic of Texas. A3. Ceres seated by Lone Star. PCGS Very Fine 25PPQ, cut cancel. Serial 5157. $750

AUSTIN 1840. $50 Republic of Texas. A7. Nude Venus at left. PCGS Very Fine 35PPQ, cut cancel. Serial 1912. $850

Ch 10692 $10 1902 Plain Back. Brown County NB of MT ORAB. PMG Very Fine 30. Great title, layout and signatures. A very scarce bank. 2440 C. $995

Ch 1545 $5 Original Series. The First NB of MIDDLETOWN. PMG Fine 12. A very scarce charter. Serial 4202 A. $1500

Ch 7284 $20 1902 Plain Back. The NB of John A. Black of BARBOURVILLE. Classic vanity title. PMG Fine 15. Serial 2593 B. $895

Ch 893 $10 1902 Date Back. FNB of SARATOGA SPRINGS. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. A sparkling example. Serial 7951 D. $1395

1918 $2 CLEVELAND Battleship. Teehee-Burke/Baxter-Fancher. F757. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ with two-digit serial D45A. $5000

1869 F18. $1 "Rainbow". Allison-Spinner. PCGS Choice About New 55PPQ. Nicely centered with great colors. Serial K1951458. $3950

1914 $50 FRN F1070. San Francisco. Burke-Houston. PMG Very Fine 25. This has to be the nicest 25 on the planet. L902747A. $750

1899 $1 Black Eagle F226. Lyons-Roberts. PMG Uncirculated 62, the earliest variety with the date above the serial number. Very attractive. Serial 17283. $750

1880 $1 F32. Rosecrans-Huston. Large Brown Seal. A rare note. I see a nice one every twnty years. PMG Very Fine 30. A2496997. $1250

1862 $2 F41. Series 131. PMG Very Fine 35EPQ a marvelous note, so attractive. Serial 76062. $2250

1917 $2 Speelman-White. F60. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ. Serial D223269A. $1500

F80. 1880 $5 Blue serial numbers. Tillman-Morgan. F80. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Serial A33152220. $1750

$10 1922 Gold, Speelman-White F1173. PCGS New 62PPQ. Serial K44201617. $1450

NEW LONDON. 18_. $3-10-20-50. Union Bank of New London. CT1930. A unique denomination format. Uncirculated. $450

STONINGTON. 18_. $1-1-2-3. The Stonington Bank. $2 features a whale hunt! Outstanding color, vignettes. Red Tint. About Uncirculated with folds between notes. $495

1901 $10 Bison F119. Parker-Burke. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Stunning note. Serial E9896544. $8300

NEW ORLEANS. 186_. $100-100-100-100. Citizens' Bank of Louisiana. LA1430-71. Green protectors. Columbus on red back. Choice Uncirculated, notes are Gem. $350

Take a look at this. The 12c, 15c and 20c notes are uncommon denominations that make it tempting to cut this sheet. Look at the price per note! They spe1l BARGAIN in the secrect code $$#@AI$$. Or just keep the full sheet. There are not many left intact.

JACKSON. 8x10c - 6x12c- 3x15c - 4x20c - 3x25c. Sheet of 24 notes. Cooper, Thompson & Co, Bankers. Terrific vignettes, orange protectors. Most of these sheets have been cut to supply singles. PCGS Extremely Fine 40. $1250

1923 $1 Woods-White F238. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. Serial Z97106881D. $295

1923 $1 Woods-White F238. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. Serial Z97106883D. $295

1923 $1 Woods-White F238. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. Serial Z97106884D. $295

1923 $1 Woods-White F238. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ. Serial Z97106889D. $395

1923 $1 Woods-White F238. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ. Serial Z97106890D. $395

SHREVEPORT. 1860. $50 Citizens' Bank of Louisiana. Branch at Shreveport. LA3910-50. ABNCo product. "Hope" looks seaward as vessel flounders. Superb Gem Uncirculated. $125

GREENUP. 186_. $5 The Cumberland County Bank. IL1440-25. Wounded veteran welcomed home. Webster scowls at right. Very Fine. Red protector on this NBNCo beauty. Machine serial 7336. $1250

1923 $1 Woods-White F238. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ. Serial Z97106882D. $395

$10 1907 Gold, Teehee-Burke F1172. PMG Choice Very Fine 35EPQ. Scarcer than you might think. Serial E30836066. $850

1880 $1 F29. Bruce-Gilfillan. PMG Extremely Fine 40. Serial Z34777227. $950

FRN $1000 Series 1928. St Louis. F2210H. PMG Very Fine 25, minor flaws. Serial H00004821A. $2400

FRN $500 Series 1934A. Chicago. F2202G. PMG Very Fine 30. Serial G00322774A. $1895

FRN $500 Series 1934A. New York. Julian-Morgenthau. F2202B. High-end Very Fine. Serial B00334070A. $1895

Ch 13162 $20 1929 Type 1. The Conqueror First NB of JOPLIN. PMG Very Fine 35, with a unique title that always draws attention. Serial A001312A. $395.

Ch 10663. $5 1929 Type 1. The Peoples NB of CHESTER. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Serial A001743A. $1250

Ch 14211 $10 1929 Type 2. The Commercial NB of SPARTANBURG. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58EPQ. Faint center bend. Serial A001645. $550

Ch 12407 $10 1902 Plain Back. The Midland NB of BILLINGS. PMG Very Fine 35. Exceptional quality for Montana. Serial 10669 B. $2250

Ch 1075 $2 Series 1875. The National Mechanics Banking Association of NEW YORK. PMG Very Good 8. Several flaws but still attractive. An affordable Lazy Two. Serial 4858. $2100

Ch 6236 $20 1929 Type 1. The Unaka and City NB of JOHNSON CITY. PMG Choice Uncirculated 63. Serial F000816A. $595

CALEDONIA. June 2nd, 1860. $5 - $2. The Bluff City Bank. UNCUT SHEET of Two. IL440-10. Liberty, Spring Plowing and Riverboats galore! Mother and child feed barnyard friends. Magnificent NBNCo product with orange counters and protectors. PMG About Uncirculated 53EPQ. (This is ex-Stack's - Bowers lot 9038, 3/4/19 where it was graded Gem Uncirculated.) Top of the mountain! Machine Serial 1720. $9500.

1886 $1 F216. Rosecrans-Hyatt. Small Red Seal. PMG About Uncirculated 50. A tougher signature combination. B20466385. $1500

1899 $5 Chief Running Antelope Vernon-McClung. F274. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Spectacular! Serial E19872767. $5500

T26 $10 September 2, 1861. Hope with Anchor, Coarse Lace Red "X"s. Criswell 191, PF-21. Block "CSA" watermark. PMG Choice Very Fine 35, nicely margined. Serial 85072. $595

WASHINGTON. 18_. $50 Bank of Washington. NC880-50. Pennell 1400A. Vignettes and green protector make this beauty hard to resist. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66EPQ. $595

NEWPORT. 186_. $100 New England Commercial Bank. RI660-72. Majestic eagle on bale. Green "HUNDRED". PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EP. Very attractive. $295

BRATTLEBORO. $1 Windham County Bank. Red overtint. VT430-05. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. Magnificent! Serial 12978. $400

Ch 2011 $1 Original Series. The FNB of KANSAS. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64. A famous hoard note - miniscule in the face of today's collector demand. Serial 2848 B. $5750

$1 1935A F1610 "Red S" note printed on special paper. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. Rather nice! S74221647C. $595

T34 $5 September 2, 1861. Memminger, black print. Script CSA watermark. Criswell 264, PF-3. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58EPQ, with a faint vertical center bend. Serial 20687. $950

T60 $5. April 6, 1863. Capitol at Richmond. Memminger at R. Criswell 462, PF-24. Blue back. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58, serial 6390. $150

Ch 1241 $5 1882 Brown Back. The HOCKING VALLEY NB of LANCASTER. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 55. From a group saved for us by the Mithoff family. Serial 1967 B. $2750