Capital: Columbia

97 issuing charters located in 58 towns

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Ch 12381 $10 1902 Plain Back. The NB of HONEA PATH. Extremely Fine. One of the great home-town names. Serial 2624 A. $4500

Ch 9296 $10 1902 Plain Back. The Home NB of LEXINGTON. Choice Uncirculated, from a small group of notes dispersed in the 1970s. Serial 5382 B. $1895

Ch 10085 $20 1902 Plain Back. The MARION NB. Very Fine with green stamped signatures and the number "15" near the charter number. Serial 1544 A. $895

Ch 10660 $5 1902 Plain Back. NB of South Carolina of SUMTER. Fine, with a fully loaded tombstone. Serial 12785 C. $550