Capital: Sacramento

415 issuing charters located in 227 towns

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National Gold Bank Notes.

Californial National Bank Notes[Click on description to view note.]

Ch 1741. $5 FN Gold B of SAN FRANCISCO. PCGS Fine 12 and comment free. There are legions of collectors who still search for gold. Serial 7711 A. $4500

Ch 13338 $20 1929 Type 1. SAN JOSE NB. Very Fine, an always in-demand location. $475

Ch 11433 $20 1902 Plain Back. FNB of TRANQUILLITY NB. One of John Hickman's "Zombie" notes, uncovered beneath a downspout. This became part of Phil Krakover's collection, then Lowell Horwedel's. Repaired, Fair, Affordable. Serial 3019. $795