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National Gold Bank Notes.

National Gold Bank Notes[Click on description to view note.]

Large Size Gold Certificates[Click on description to view note.]

$10 Gold Notes. Series 1907-1922.

$10 1922 Gold, Speelman-White F1173. PMG Extremely Fine 40EPQ. Serial K34441582. $695

F1173 Large and Small Serial Numbers

Large Serial Number Small Serial Number

$20 Gold Notes. Series 1882. F1174 - F1178

$20 Gold Notes. "Technicolor" Series 1905. F1179 - F1180

$20 Gold Notes. Series 1906-1922.

$20 1906 Gold Note Fr1184. Napier-Thompson. PMG Very Fine 30. Perfect mid-grade example. Serial E172215. $1250

$50 Gold Notes. Series 1882.

$50 Gold Notes. Series 1913-1922.

$100 Gold Notes. Series 1882-1922.

$500 Gold Notes. Series 1882-1922.

$500 1882 Gold. Fr1216a. Parker-Burke. A glorious note. Bright, unmolested, and on the high end of Fine. Even the back is exceptional, no fading or aging. SOLD

$1000 Gold Notes. Series 1907-1922.

$1000 1907 Gold. Fr1219e. Teehee-Burke. PMG Very Fine 20. Some shortcomings noted on back, but this jewel will make you proud to be a collector! Serial D158519. $33,500.

$10,000 Gold Notes. Series of 1900.

The $10,000 gold certificates became collectable following a 1935 fire in Washington, DC. Most show signs of their fiery origin. Many of the notes have been treated to remove stains and oxidation.
This often removed the signature. None of the Uncirculated PMG graded notes achieved EPQ status. The following note is one of six AU 58 notes to earn their EPQ stripes. ORIGINAL!

$10,000 1900. F1225h. Teehee-Burke. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58EPQ. A superior example of this wildly popular but non-negotiable note. Serial M109354. $6250

Small Size Gold Certificates

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$10 Gold Notes. Series 1928.

$10 1928 Gold. F2400. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. Rather nice! Serial A70786668A. $1750

$10 1928 Gold. F2400. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. Top quality seldom seen on gold notes. Serial A79256938A. $1795

$20 Gold Notes. Series 1928.

$20 1928 Gold. Fr2402. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. Serial A11648589A. $1100

$20 1928 Gold. F2402. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. Difficult in Gem. Serial A12605728A. $1750

$20 1928 Gold. F2402. ***STAR*** note. PCGS Very Fine 20PPQ. Serial *00433522A. $550

$50 Gold Notes. Series 1928.

$100 Gold Notes. Series 1928.

$100 1928 Fr2405. PMG Extremely Fine 40. Rather nice. A00851071A. $2450

$100 1928 F2405. PCGS About New 53 PPQ, a lovely note with light handling. Elusive in EPQ. Serial A01626388A. $4000

$500 Gold Notes. Series 1928.

$1000 Gold Notes. Series 1928.

$1000 1928 Fr2408. Woods-Mellon. The open space below the right serial makes it look like there is something missing. PCGS Very Fine 25, Apparent for an internal tear to the right of the centerfold near the top. Makes this classic rarity a lot more affordable. Serial A00092492A. $22,500.